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Kelmore’s One Coat DPM Fast is a 2 part, epoxy damp proof membrane and residual moisture suppressant. This solvent free product cures in approximately 4½ hours, creating a surface membrane able to withstand moisture in cementitious screeds and concrete up to 98% Relative Humidity (RH) and up to 90% RH in calcium sulphate screeds. By regulating the application thickness, the product can either be used to create a damp proof membrane able to combat rising damp, or to suppress residual moisture. One Coat DPM Fast can also be used on heated screeds and once cured has excellent resistance to not only water, but grease, oil, aqueous salt solution and dilute mineral and organic acids.

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    • Colour: Blue
    • Working Time: Approximately 20 Minutes
    • Cure Time: Approximately 4.5 hours
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